European Studies Special Training


Students at the University of Szeged have had the possibility of specializing in European Studies for more or less ten years. On the initiative of László J. Nagy, the program organized by the European Studies Centre of the University of Szeged and the Department of Modern History and Mediterranean Studies of the Faculty of Arts has been considerably transformed. On the one hand, the European Studies Centre does not participate in organization any more, on the other hand, the structure of training has been updated.

Today, we provide up-to-date, theoretical and practical knowledge within the framework of European Studies to every student of the University of Szeged. Application period is the summer exam period, application forms are available at the office of the History Institute at the Faculty of Arts (Faculty of Arts, 2 Egyetem street, 3rd floor). There is no entrance exam. As it is a special training outside the core curriculum of the university, tuition is to be paid. Tuition fee is 20.000 Forints for Faculty of Arts students, and 25.000 Forints for students from other faculties. At the end of the 3-year program students get a certificate of their studies. The certificate is only valid with the degree of their major, so it is not a separate degree.

In the program, students have to take consecutive, compulsory courses. This is why it is not possible to start it in an even-numbered semester. Teachers come from different faculties of the university (Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Law, etc.). Courses cover the history of European diplomacy, the development of the idea of a unified Europe, the history of integration, the institutions of the European Union. Certain sub-fields are also covered (economy, law, security, etc.) All the courses are lectures, and end with an exam. The language of education is Hungarian.

At the end of the program, students are required to write a final paper of max. 25 pages on an issue in connection with European unity, integration, institutions, etc. Any of the teachers can be consulted as tutors. The final paper does not have to be defended, the tutor has to write an evaluation and give a grade on a five-grade scale.


Ákos Ferwagner Péter PhD.
senior assistant professor

Faculty of Arts, University of Szeged
Department of Modern History and Mediterranean Studies
6722 Szeged
2 Egyetem street, (3rd floor, to the right at the end of the corridor)
Phone: (36-62) 546-774